Kids on the Moon kolekcja Żywioły

Some time ago, together with Nadia, Ola, Jagna, Lola, and Jeremi, we spent one magic day in the bosom of nature. Discover our campaign and reveal the story behind our autumn/winter collection ELEMENTS. Watch in here:

“We are the Elements.
We are here to guide you through the world.
And reveal the secrets of life.
To open your eyes.
To discover and create.
We are the forces of nature.
Welcome to the world of Elements.
Everyone is invited.”

Kids on the Moon AW20 - film kampanijny

Director: Bart Pogoda
DOP/edit: Michał Grzeszczakowski
Production: Houdini Film / Bartosz Jodłowski
Storyteller: Tola
Actors: Nadia, Ola, Jagna, Lola, Jeremi
Set design: Kasia Piątek
Art direction: Kids on the Moon team
Music: Upright Music Poland


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